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The Dhow is one of my favorite being a sailing fanatic in my younger years.  The Dhow is 11.5" long (57') with a 3" Beam (15').  The sail is cut from heavy painters drop cloth.  I added wire in the leech of the sail in order for the user to shape the sail depending on the tack (port or starboard).  I used different sizes of dowels for the boom and masts.  Now most rules have you tacking and jibing a sail.  So how can I depict this in a model that is meant to be used on the tabletop?  I started rigging the mast with stays secured in 4 places on the deck.  The forestays have  jewelry hasps so you just unhook, pull up the mast and drop it on the deck for storage.  The tack of the sail is secured to a post in the bow.  It makes it so easy to tack the sail.  The clew of the sail has sheet attached to a magnet which is set on the deck which has steel plates underneath.  So to tack simply unattach magnet and throw the sheet and magnet around the front of the mast and reattach to the steel plate on the opposite tack.  Easy.  

Single Masted Dhow

  • Please contact Dan for international options.

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